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Direct feedback from Robert Irvine on my Poco’s in KC article | O’Dell Restaurant Consulting blog

I recieved some feedback via Twitter from Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible about my recent article Restaurant Impossible at Poco’s in Kansas City.

I posted some pics of the outside of Poco’s in Kansas City while the Restaurant Impossible crew was there giving the restaurant the “Robert Irvine treatment”. In the article, I commented that I didn’t see the “frenzy” of activity I always see on the show and I asked some questions that I’ve been curious about since shows like Restaurant Makeover, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible have been helping struggling restaurant owners fix their menus, their decor, and even their attitudes.

My questions include inquiries about what happens after the Restaurant Impossible crew is gone. Is there support after the makeover? You can read those specific questions in my article here.

I tweeted a link of my article to Robert Irvine and apparently he read it because he tweeted back to directly answer my most pressing questions. Here is our Twitter conversation, and make sure you are reading my own tweets back to keep everything in context. Also, I believe in full disclosure. I am a fan of the show, though it does not reflect the type of work I do with restaurants, and I appreciate Robert’s willingness to engage his fans.

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Culinary consultants grow in popularity

Culinary consultant and restaurant ownerHere is an interesting article from about the growing popularity of culinary consultants. Recipe creation, staffing, training and menu development are just some of the areas where culinary consultants can assist restaurant owners. Read what is happening as a trend in Philadelphia by reading the linked article…

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Great new Food Network show | Restaurant Stakeout

Restaurant StakeoutThere is a great new show on the Food Network you need to check out if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s called Restaurant Stakeout. Instead of being just another show with a restaurant consultant telling people their food sucks and their menu is too big, Willie Degel’s show is an original and really interesting to watch.

During the course of this show, a consultant sets up multiple hidden cameras throughout a restaurant to observe the restaurant while no one knows he is watching. After finding numerous problems that are costing the owner money, he invites the owner to watch the footage with him. The owner is appalled at what really goes on in their restaurant when they aren’t there and the consultant beats them up over how much money they are losing. By the end of the show, the consultant is making recommendations to the restaurant owner which, by this point, seem like no brainers.

Besides the fact this show is much more original than any restaurant improvement show anywhere on television, this show is a great eye opener for restaurant owners. You never know what is going on in your restaurant when you aren’t there unless you have surveillance, or truly responsible leaders in the restaurant at all times.

Check out the TV show website here:

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Liquors Can Be Local Too – Restaurant Management (RMGT)

Here’s an article from Restaurant Management E-Zine about the use of locally distilled liquors in restaurants.

Liquors Can Be Local Too – Restaurant Management (RMGT)

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There’s no better time than now to remember the old adage that the customer is always right

Great article by Roy Bergold via

There’s no better time than now to remember the old adage that the customer is always right.

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Leading Fast Casual Restaurant Chains Not Only Weathered the Economic Storm, They Prospered, Reports NPD

Leading Fast Casual Restaurant Chains Not Only Weathered the Economic Storm, They Prospered, Reports NPD.