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New look for the blog ¦ O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Blog

I’ve updated the blog with a new template and visual look. The new template allows me to make it easier to navigate between the main website and the blog.

I’m still working on a possible graphic for the header, but I haven’t made any decisions on that yet. In the right side column, there is a new tool to navigate between recent posts, popular posts, recent comments and more. Check it out.

I hope you like the new feel.


Direct feedback from Robert Irvine on my Poco’s in KC article | O’Dell Restaurant Consulting blog

I recieved some feedback via Twitter from Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible about my recent article Restaurant Impossible at Poco’s in Kansas City.

I posted some pics of the outside of Poco’s in Kansas City while the Restaurant Impossible crew was there giving the restaurant the “Robert Irvine treatment”. In the article, I commented that I didn’t see the “frenzy” of activity I always see on the show and I asked some questions that I’ve been curious about since shows like Restaurant Makeover, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible have been helping struggling restaurant owners fix their menus, their decor, and even their attitudes.

My questions include inquiries about what happens after the Restaurant Impossible crew is gone. Is there support after the makeover? You can read those specific questions in my article here.

I tweeted a link of my article to Robert Irvine and apparently he read it because he tweeted back to directly answer my most pressing questions. Here is our Twitter conversation, and make sure you are reading my own tweets back to keep everything in context. Also, I believe in full disclosure. I am a fan of the show, though it does not reflect the type of work I do with restaurants, and I appreciate Robert’s willingness to engage his fans.

Robert Irvine tweet 1

Tweet #1

Robert Irvine tweet 2

Tweet #2

Robert Irvine tweet 3

Tweet #3

Robert Irvine tweet 4

Tweet #4

Robert Irvine tweet 5

Tweet #5

How and why to use Google+ for your restaurant

How to use Google+ for restaurants

How to use Google+ for restaurants

Here’s is a fantastic article I found by Dayne Shuda at on how and why to use Google+ for restaurants.

The Ultimate Guide to Google+ for Restaurants

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San Francisco approves simplified restaurant regulations

Short article about great news for San Francisco restaurateurs. San Francisco is easing city permit “hoops” to jump through in a city that was previously micromanaging its restaurant industry. State regulations on restaurants are already tough enough for potential California restaurant owners.

San Francisco approves simplified restaurant regulations – San Francisco Business Times.

A look at today’s consumer | Nation’s Restaurant News

An article about restaurant consumer demographic data from the National Restaurant Association’s Annual Report. Make sure to read all the pages…

A look at today’s consumer | Nation's Restaurant News.

Leading Fast Casual Restaurant Chains Not Only Weathered the Economic Storm, They Prospered, Reports NPD

Leading Fast Casual Restaurant Chains Not Only Weathered the Economic Storm, They Prospered, Reports NPD.

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