Culinary consultants grow in popularity

Culinary consultant and restaurant ownerHere is an interesting article from about the growing popularity of culinary consultants. Recipe creation, staffing, training and menu development are just some of the areas where culinary consultants can assist restaurant owners. Read what is happening as a trend in Philadelphia by reading the linked article…

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Chefs Weigh In: The Pros and Cons of Expansion – Hot Topics – Eater National

When is it right for your restaurant to add a location? What are the potential pitfalls? What are the advantages? The following article shares input from 5 chefs who did it. They give their experiences opening a second location to hopefully help you decide whether expansion is the right decision for you.

2 heads are better than 1

Apparently, Christopher Elbow and Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City aren’t the first pair that thought input from a chef could result in a great craft beer. I do have to say though that the Chocolate Ale made by Boulevard and Elbow is certainly a new twist in brewery/chef collaberations.

Read about what other chefs and breweries are doing in this article…

2 heads are better than 1.