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Restaurants do not contribute the majority of calories

This is an article discussing an important study recently published on the amount of calories Americans receive from restaurant food and beverages. It has been peer reviewed and is based on a large sample size and data from five consecutive years. This study completely dispells the myth that restaurants are to blame for America’s obesity issue as it proves that a much smaller portion of food or beverage calories are coming from restaurants than activists and regulators claim.

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Attacking the restaurant industry | A dangerous and inaccurate post on the Mayo Clinic website

I would like to share a very inaccurate and damaging post from the Mayo Clinic website from two dietitians, Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.

The author(s) claim that the “average” burger size in the U.S. is now 12 ounces, without toppings, the “average” fry portion being 6.7 ounces, and the “average” soda portion being 42 ounces. They may or may not have gotten their information from a CDC report they cite but don’t reference. These “averages” really represent the largest portions available in most markets and are nowhere near accurate. McDonald’s, the largest burger seller in the country, has a 2 ounce, 4 ounce and 5 ounce burger, with 2 – 4 ounce buns. The most popular pre-formed patty sizes sold through distributors are 4 ounce and 5 ounce sizes.

It’s articles like this that lead to regulations like what is being proposed in New York City by Mayor Bloomberg to limit the sizes of soft drinks available for purchase.

They wrote the article implying that restaurants might be responsible for making people eat larger portion sizes, as opposed to the real relationship between customers and restaurants of restaurants responding to customer demands and doing whatever it is that will keep customers coming through their doors so they can simply keep those doors open. This blame game starts with finger pointing and ends with the government eventually stepping in to tell you what you can and can’t sell in your restaurant, as witnessed currently with the proposed regulations in New York City. These regulations limit competition, drive up pricing and put independent restaurants out of business.

I urge all of you to comment on the Mayo Clinic article (no registration necessary) and express your disagreement with the mis-stated facts, and even urge the Mayo Clinic webmaster to take the inaccurate article down. If these statistics are actually contained in a CDC report, we need to get the National Restaurant Association involved in reviewing the study these “facts” are cited from as they are grossly inaccurate.

Here is the article, please comment:

Here is the Mayo Clinic “Contact” page to request this inaccurate article be removed:

If you are a National Restaurant Association member, contact them to ask that they look into possible damaging and inaccurate CDC reports that restaurants need amended:

Please help myself and others work to protect our industry.

Brandon O’Dell
O’Dell Restaurant Consulting

Gov’t. offers guidelines for health-care cost reporting – NRA News Blog

The following article from the National Restaurant Association goes over some of the new reporting requirements for restaurants in regards to the new healthcare law. Give it a read….

Gov’t. offers guidelines for health-care cost reporting – NRA News Blog

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Top trends from the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show | Nation’s Restaurant News

Here’s the low down on what food and beverage trends were spotted as “getting hot” in the restaurant world, as seen at the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show. Don’t let your restaurant get antiquated. Change is good. See if you can spot at least 1 trend in the article to build around in your own business.

Top trends from the 2012 National Restaurant Association Show | Nation’s Restaurant News.

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Quality, convenience key to restaurant selection, research finds – NRA News Blog

Quality, convenience key to restaurant selection, study finds

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45 (B) Tax Credit for Restaurants – Do you qualify?

IRS logoRestaurant owners may be able to take advantage of a tax credit on the taxes they pay on employee tip income this year. The following article discusses the qualifications for taking the credit.

Simply put, to qualify:

  • You must be profitable and owe taxes
  • You may not deduct the the same taxes as a business expense
  • You may not use the Alternative Minimum Tax

Check out the following post from the National Restaurant Association’s website to find out more details and for a link to download the necessary forms to file for this credit.

45(B) tax credit helps restaurants reduce taxes

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A look at today’s consumer | Nation’s Restaurant News

An article about restaurant consumer demographic data from the National Restaurant Association’s Annual Report. Make sure to read all the pages…

A look at today’s consumer | Nation's Restaurant News.