No longer accepting new clients

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting has stopped accepting new clients as of July 12th 2016. The success of my other company, Friend That Cooks Personal Chefs, means that it requires 100% of my time moving forward. Existing clients with retainers will still be able to use their prepaid time.

I am going to leave this blog up as a resource since it gets 400+ views a day and because my articles are referenced on dozens of other sites, books and magazines. Our primary website will be coming down.

I welcome you to comment on articles and ask questions if you like. I will still monitor the blog and interact as needed.

Thank you for your support and interest in what I have had to say over the years as a food service consultant, and good luck to all of you.

Brandon O’Dell

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting

New look for the blog ¦ O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Blog

I’ve updated the blog with a new template and visual look. The new template allows me to make it easier to navigate between the main website and the blog.

I’m still working on a possible graphic for the header, but I haven’t made any decisions on that yet. In the right side column, there is a new tool to navigate between recent posts, popular posts, recent comments and more. Check it out.

I hope you like the new feel.

Chef Employment Contract now available for download!

We’ve just added an employment contract for chefs and cooks to our web store at

This contract template will help you avoid potential problems if you happen to lose your chef like:

  • Not having ownership of the recipes for your menu
  • Your chef going to work for your competitor
  • Important documents and management tools being taken for use
  • Proprietary secrets being divulged

A good working relationship requires mutual benefit and trust. Create an atmosphere of trust by spelling out your employee/employer relationship in an employment contract that defines all the terms of employment and protects both you and your chef.

This contract template is a Microsoft Word document and can be edited for use with other management, employees or sales staff.

Disclaimer: O’Dell Restaurant Consulting is not a legal advisor and this contract and all included should not be considered legal advice given to anyone using it. Check with your attorney on enforceability of all areas of this contract and use a qualified legal professional to assist you in making sure all employee agreements are legal and enforceable.

Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase our contract directly for $25:

Buy Now

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Weblog moves to new address!

Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning in to the web log for O’Dell Restaurant Consulting. We have decided to move our blog from WordPress to our own web host! Please make note of the new address. You can follow links on the top right of the page to subscribe to this new address.

We hope to see you at our new address. All new content will be coming to that address, and not to this one, so don’t miss out! Please join us there.


Brandon O’Dell

Hello current and future restaurant owners, managers, and food service professionals!

Welcome to the new weblog for O’Dell Restaurant consulting. In this blog, we hope to help restaurant and food service owners and managers make their operations better businesses through articles, opinions, and the reposting of questions and answers we have provided to questions in other forums. This blog is intended as a resource of knowledge and experience in all things food service related.