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Technomic: Millennials drive restaurant drink trends | Nation’s Restaurant News

Restaurants that don’t grow and change usually wither and die. Eventually, the people with a taste for a particular type of menu or concept will get bored or die off. It’s important for restaurants to keep attracting the next generation.

Here is an article on how the youngest generation, millenials, will be affecting alcoholic beverage trends…

Technomic: Millennials drive restaurant drink trends | Nation’s Restaurant News.


Are you taking advantage of the drop in Maine Lobster prices?

Big hauls of Maine Lobsters are leading to a drop in their price. While we still have to see how much of that drop will make it’s way outside of Maine, this may present restaurants, country clubs and other food services a great opportunity to drive sales by featuring Maine Lobsters at a price point they could not previously.

Check out the following article on the price drop…

Maine lobsters drop in price

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Food trucks move from the streets to the parties with catering services

Food trucks are an increasingly popular way for chefs and owners to break into the restaurant business without breaking the bank, especially as municipalities continue to ease food codes to accomodate the food truck movement. There is, however, a great opportunity for existing restaurants to greatly expand their catering services without putting extra stress on their restaurant kitchen, by expanding through the use of food trucks. The following article from is on the growing trend of parties being catered from food trucks.

Food trucks move from the streets to the parties with catering services.

Good news for restaurants serving breakfast!

Breakfast study

Here’s an article from Nation’s Restaurant News about a recently released study examining breakfast habits.

Consumers’ changing breakfast habits favor restaurants | Nation’s Restaurant News.

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How restaurants can succeed with Pinterest | Nation’s Restaurant News

Have you heard of Pinterest yet, and are you using it? Here is an article about why restaurants especially have a product that is tailored perfectly for Pinterest…

How restaurants can succeed with Pinterest | Nation's Restaurant News.

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