How restaurants can succeed with Pinterest | Nation’s Restaurant News

Have you heard of Pinterest yet, and are you using it? Here is an article about why restaurants especially have a product that is tailored perfectly for Pinterest…

How restaurants can succeed with Pinterest | Nation's Restaurant News.

3 thoughts on “How restaurants can succeed with Pinterest | Nation’s Restaurant News

  1. Does anyone have any experience of using Pinterest for their restaurant? Don’t you struggle with managing the content for all the various social media sites? I agree that it is one to keep an eye on but Facebook is still the most significant to be on if you could only choose one.

    • Hi Robin,

      You don’t have to manage all your social media accounts separately. If you start with a blog, you can automatically update your Facebook and Twitter with blog posts, and have a Pinterest button that makes it very easy to pin your info on Pinterest in a matter of seconds. A Pinterest button is also loaded onto your browser task bar so you can easily pin an image from any webpage. It is much quicker and easier to use than Facebook or Twitter. Eventually, you will likely be able to do automatic updates to Pinterest from your blog also.

      Brandon O’Dell
      O’Dell Restaurant Consulting

      • We also tackled the whole Pinterest for Restaurants topic on our blog ( I think restaurants are exceptionally geared to using the platform because it is so visual. And visual appeal is a HUGE part of the dining process (from the food to the space itself).

        And as you mention, it is easily possible to not have to manage each social network independently. Twitter and Facebook already have automation tools. and Pinterest can easily be synched with both as well. Plus there are plenty of social media management tools available for your disposal (some premium, and some free).

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