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Restaurant social media marketing trends for 2013 |

Here’s a good article I found on social media marketing trends for 2013. Social media marketing can be a very cost effective way for restaurants and other food services to drive traffic. With the cost being so inexpensive, I think it is very important that tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogsĀ be used to drive traffic to your main website and even directly into your operation.

Here’s the article link…

What restaurant operators need to know about QR codes | Marketing content from Restaurant Hospitality

Everything you need to know about QR codesBrandon O’Dell with O’Dell Restaurant Consulting offers operations consulting and brand strategy advice for small to medium sized restaurants, food services and private clubs.

Are you taking advantage of the drop in Maine Lobster prices?

Big hauls of Maine Lobsters are leading to a drop in their price. While we still have to see how much of that drop will make it’s way outside of Maine, this may present restaurants, country clubs and other food services a great opportunity to drive sales by featuring Maine Lobsters at a price point they could not previously.

Check out the following article on the price drop…

Maine lobsters drop in price

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