What mobile apps are helpful to restaurants?

The potential of apps in business settings is mind boggling. Every time you turn around, someone introduces another fantastic app that automates a process or system for your business or personal life for a very cheap price. Unlike software, apps don’t carry a lot of packages, postage and marketing overhead. An app is hosted on a website and you use it via the internet, making traditional distribution methods for software worthless overhead.

Five years ago, when Microsoft and other companies were predicting that we would all be using internet applications instead of software someday, I thought they were crazy. Now, the writing is one the wall. Great applications are coming out constantly and business owners that don’t learn how to use them face the possibility of not being able to compete with business owners that do. Restaurants are no exception.

The following is a great article I found on mobile apps that are designed specifically for restaurants that really give you a good idea of some of the potential uses for apps. Some of them are already popular and some still have a little growth needed before they become mainstream and really effective. Either way, this article from Software Advice’s Stephanie Shih is a must read for any restaurant owner or marketing professional that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

Check it out here: 6 mobile apps restaurants should know about

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How To Interview and Hire New Workers – Restaurant Management (RMGT)

Here’s a good article from Restaurant Management Online on hiring for restaurant employees. I’m not sure I agree with the stated cost of losing an employee though. Those numbers seem exagerated to me. Either way, turnover sucks and this article has some great tips to help reduce turnover, including advice on what questions to ask in an interview. Feel free to comment on our blog about questions and tactics you’ve found useful in your interview process.

How To Interview and Hire New Workers – Restaurant Management (RMGT).


THE DAILY STAR : Pairing wine with Chinese food? Sacre bleu!

Interesting article on the www.DailyStar.com website about pairing wines with Chinese food. Chinese food bring some interesting flavors to the table that may not be easy for many experienced Sommeliers to match with wines….

THE DAILY STAR :: Culture :: Lifestyle :: Shiraz with your Peking Duck or Kung Pao? Sacre bleu!.


Free tech tool optimizes your dining room layout | Restaurant-Hospitality.com

Dining Room Layout OptimizerRestaurant-Hopitality.com has an article with a link to a free dining room layout tool developed by a Cornell researcher that is supposed to help restaurant operators optimize their dining room layouts. I have not used it yet, but you can’t beat free.

Free tech tool optimizes your dining room layout

Here is the link to go directly to the Cornell website and download the tool. You’ll need to register with Cornell as a “user” to download it. You’ll can also then selecd to recieve their School of Hospitality newsletter which I strongly suggest:
Dining room layout optimizer

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