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Restaurant social media marketing trends for 2013 |

Here’s a good article I found on social media marketing trends for 2013. Social media marketing can be a very cost effective way for restaurants and other food services to drive traffic. With the cost being so inexpensive, I think it is very important that tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogsĀ be used to drive traffic to your main website and even directly into your operation.

Here’s the article link…

How to use Pinterest to market your restaurant | Marketing content from Restaurant Hospitality

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you’re missing a great marketing opportunity. Pinterest is especially useful for restaurants, whose product promotes best via pictures. The following article from explains why Pinterest is so useful for restaurants and suggest ways for you to use Pinterest to market your restaurant.

How to use Pinterest to market your restaurant | Marketing content from Restaurant Hospitality.

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Hilton Worldwide seeks independent restaurant concepts ripe for franchising

Hilton seeks restaurantsSpread the word, Hilton Worldwide is looking for successful independent restaurant concepts to pitch to their franchisees to put into their hotels. This might be a good opportunity to take the first step into franchising. The following article from Restaurant Hospitality E-Zine doesn’t say as much, but the Hilton maybe willing to foot all or part of the cost of franchising the concepts.

Menu Engineering Gets A Makeover

Menu picture with scanning pattern

Scanning pattern

Interesting research in the linked article about menu engineering that contradicts what many of us have been taught.

I would like to know more about the study though before considering it definitive, like how large was the study group, how often was the study repeated with different test subjects to see if the results were the same, and were the subjects interviewed for subjective analysis to make sure that knowing they were being studied wasn’t affecting how they scanned the menus? Has this study been peer reviewed?

Menu Engineering Gets A Makeover.