How to run your restaurant out of business…

Here’s an article from a Kansas City circular about a chef restaurateur who decided his ego was more important than his success. Make sure to read the comments as the owner replies and reveals all you need to know about why he has had three consecutive failed restaurants.

The first rule of opening any business is to make sure you are offering a product or service your customers want to buy at a price they think is a good value. If you expect people to spend their hard earned cash in your restaurant, you have to give them want THEY want, not what you want to give them. A little humility and a smile doesn’t hurt either. If you can’t be hospitable in the restaurant business, you can’t be a successful restaurant owner.

If you’d like to see my opinion on the top reasons why restaurants fail, read my article, The Biggest Mistakes Restaurant Make and Why They Have a High Failure Rate.

I don’t post this to pile on to a restaurant owner whose business failed. It sad when anyone’s dream is smashed. However, the failings of others present a great learning opportunity for the rest of us.

Brandon O’Dell
O’Dell Restaurant Consulting

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