Court Strikes Down NLRB Union Election Rule | ENR: Engineering News Record | McGraw-Hill Construction

Here’s a recent ruling and attempted regulation change that restaurant owners should be very aware of as it could have a massive impact on their ability to compete with other restaurants.

The National Labor Relations Board recently passed a new regulation reducing the amount of time business owners have to educate their workers on the risk of voting a union into the workplace. It is called the “Ambush Rule” and has recently been struck down by a federal judge. Read more about the decision below and continue to monitor this issue. Though independent restaurants aren’t normally a target for unions, if it is made siginificantly easier for unions to get into restaurants, it’s only a matter of time before they move from the chains to the independents.

Court Strikes Down NLRB Union Election Rule | ENR: Engineering News Record | McGraw-Hill Construction.


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  1. How does this so called “Ambush Rule” work? Is it really necessary in the best interest of the organization or employee?

  2. The Ambush Rule shortens the amount time a business has to educate its emnployees on the possible ramifications of unionization. Basically, the union can hold an election with completely uninformed employees. Statistics show that union votes held without a proper amount of time for both parties to discuss potential perils and benefits overwhelmingly favor the union. When employees are educated by both the union AND the business, the vote to unionize passes somewhere around 50% of the time.

    As to who this law favors, its not the employee or the business, as unionization is not always a positive for both. It is the unions themselves, and their union bosses who benefit most from quick votes. While there are certainly instances where unionization is necessary to represent worker’s interests, it should be done with full disclosure and an informed electorate.

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