O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Webstore!

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting would like to remind you of our online webstore! In our store, you’ll find lots of on-site, email and telephone consulting service packages to help you solve the most pressing problems in your business. You’ll also find some great Microsoft Word, Excel, .pdf and graphic file restaurant tool downloads,┬ásome available for only $5 each!

Whether you’re searching for help solving labor issues, trying to lower your food costs, wanting creative marketing and menu ideas, or you just need someone to talk to, you can find it in our webstore! If you have already visited, but haven’t been back lately, make sure to check in and see if there is anything new!

Here it is……….. O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Webstore

Thank you for your time, and check the webstore often. I will be updating it with new downloads and services frequently.