O’Dell Restaurant Consulting bills based on an hourly rate of $99 per hour.

Projects are quoted a fixed project cost based upon an estimate of the time needed to complete a project. For example, we may assist a restaurant in implementing a food cost control system and estimate our time, based on their menu size, at 40 hours to complete the project. That estimate of $3000 (plus travel costs if necessary) becomes our price for that project so there are never any surprises to the restaurant owner and no hidden costs.

To begin work on an hourly basis, we require a retainer for 4 hours of service, or $300. That retainer applies toward the work we do for you. Once $200 of the retainer is used for our work, we will bill you by the hour for additional work completed during a work week. Upon the completion of our work with you, the unused portion of the retainer will be returned to you.

For quoted projects, we require 50% of the project cost as a down payment, with the other 50% due at the completion of the project. Project completion is subject to your approval. We also have alternative payment options for long term projects or projects that require financing before beginning.

To receive a quote for a project you are considering professional help with, please contact us.

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting is no longer accepting new clients. Please email Brandon O’Dell with any questions.

Brandon O’Dell
O’Dell Restaurant Consulting
email: brandon@friendthatcooks.com