About Us

What does a consultant do?
O’Dell Consulting provides advice, operating tools and marketing help to independent restaurants and retail businesses. We are based out of Kansas City, Kansas, but assist restaurant owners, food services and retail businesses all over the United States.

We have the expertise to help independent business owners design and implement the tools and management systems that their chain competitors use every day.

O’Dell Consulting also custom designs turn key restaurant plans for first time and experienced owners. Our plans use proven design elements, marketing plans and management systems to give you the best chance for success in an industry with a history of failure. Use our plan on your own, or have us walk you through opening your restaurant from writing the business plan to training your employees.

Consultants aren’t only for struggling business owners. O’Dell Consulting helps knowledgable owners fine tune successful operations, in addition to teaching successful and struggling operators techniques on how to make their business more successful. Often times, an owner simply needs an extra hand to complete a project they don’t have the time to complete on their own. In all cases, O’Dell Consulting has experience turning unprofitable businesses profitable and helping owners squeeze more profit from good businesses, experience that can help you add dollars to your bottom line.

Who is Brandon O’Dell?
Brandon O’Dell is an experienced youthful, creative, business consultant that has been working with all types of food services for more than 20 years, including some top franchised concepts. He is also a member of MENSA.

Brandon has a network of restaurant professionals and consultants all around the U.S. he pulls from for support and assistance. Most projects Brandon takes on personally, but occasionally business volume requires us to bring in other consultants or restaurant professionals. Brandon also has a strong partnership with sales professionals and managers in many of the industries restaurants and retail businesses require for support, including food and beverage purveyors, credit card processors, chemical and paper professionals, realtors, landlords, financial consultants, franchise lawyers, CPAs and others. These partnerships allow Brandon insight that helps our clients get the best possible rates and top service on purveyor contracts and professional services.

Other than the everyday services we provide, there are two special business skills Brandon is known and sought out for:

    Gross profit pricing
    Emotion marketing

Businesses seek Brandon out to help them break the bad habit of pricing by budgeted cost percentages, and to find a unique selling point in their business to help them create the emotional bond with their customers that will bring them back again and again. Brandon’s creativity serves his clients well to create exciting and interesting one-of-a-kind concepts.

FREE 30 minutes of consulting!
Brandon O’Dell with O’Dell Restaurant Consulting offers a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation to any food service professional. No obligations, and this is NOT a 30 minute sales pitch. This is 30 minutes of FREE help to talk about YOUR business, not ours. Just contact us and set up your time. It’s as easy as that.

Contact Brandon O’Dell
Office: (888) 571-9068
Email: brandon@bodellconsulting.com
Web: www.bodellconsulting.com

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