3 reasons why we should never ban tipping | Yahoo! Finance

Some great points made here as to why the movement to ban tipping is misled. Another major point I would like to throw in is that tipping is the single most direct way for a patron to get the most money possible to an employee of an establishment. The Fed and states have laws restricting what businesses can do with money left as a tip for an employee. By forcing pay to run through the whole restaurant system, we add overhead and pieces of those dollars start disappearing to pay for things that don’t directly benefit the employee. Leave tipping alone. It’s in everyone’s best interest.

3 reasons why we should never ban tipping

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4 thoughts on “3 reasons why we should never ban tipping | Yahoo! Finance

  1. I agree with the major points, and in my opinion, tipping helps create the atmosphere of the restaurant. The additional overhead could lead to elements within the company to diminish and lower work ethic among the employees, all of which is not good. Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. A lot has to do with educating guests from cultures with non-tipping customs. The tricky part is informing them with out making them look ignorant.

  3. This issue will soon be mute……….change is always constant, cultures evolve

    Labor law changes will make running a restaurant within decent margins almost impossible, how are restaurant owners paying for all this…….(Automation will be the next step)

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