3 thoughts on “How to design an effective logo

  1. Can a logo build a brand and make the company more money? Of course it can. Branding is a huge business in itself. It’s been proven in surveys that people remember certain logos better than past Presidents or world capitals. But these international symbols took time to be established and the company became successful on its on merits first. They built a following and customer base before marketing the logo as their representative. If Nike had begun with their stylized ‘V’ followed by their slogan, ‘Just Do It,’ how would anyone know what they were selling?

    I have been an advertising consultant to thousands of businesses and designed hundreds of logos. I’ve never seen an awful business made better with an award-winning logo. Conversely, I’ve seen many successful businesses that thrived for decades without any logo at all. Most of them used their name in a variety of type styles that were easily read and, instead, communicated the nature of the company. “Fred’s Fine Custom Homes,” or “XYZ Creative Web Design,” still gets the message across.

  2. I agree there is no “one thing”, a logo included, that makes a business. Having a great logo and a strong brand identity isn’t going to result in a successful business all on its own, and of course there are examples of companies who have thrived without having a great logo. However, we could all dance blindfolded and drunk across a busy freeway and some of us would make it across without getting run over by cars. That doesn’t make it a good idea to dance blindfolded and drunk across a freeway, any more than building a business with a weak logo or brand is a good idea.

    Having an effective logo is just one thing that can affect the chances for a business’ success. Businesses can succeed without a great logo just as they can also succeed with a sub-par product (My last two pair of Nikes have “blown out” within a month of buying them. McDonalds frozen, undersized hamburgers also come to mind.). Much like the logo though, a business that starts out handicapping itself by creating inferior products is decreasing it’s opportunity for success.

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