I need a good incentive program that is fair to everyone.

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I suggest only using one thing to base your incentives on, the only thing that really matters, which is profit.

Whether you are encouraging upselling or controlling food costs, the ultimate goal is more profit to you. So rather than encouraging different segments of the staff to concentrate on different parts of the P&L, and setting the stage for them to fight with each other over what the other one is doing that is hurting their bonus, just cut out all the questions and bonus based strictly on your profit. From there, you have to educate your staff on all the nuances of achieving profitability. Then everyone has a common goal, and you don’t have issues like kitchen staff skimping on portions to try and hit a bonus. Bonusing someone for controlling your food costs doesn’t translate into profit if they also dissapoint your customers.

Visit our webstore to find a great bonus plan example and calculator to help you set up a simple profit-based bonus structure for your employees.

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