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Two of my favorite shows are Restaurant Impossible and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. If you haven’t seen them, and you’re in the restaurant business, you’re missing out on a lot of free lessons.

Gordon Ramsay is a bit of bully. He likes to push people’s buttons. I think one of his other shows, Hell’s Kitchen, is just a stage for him to berate future chefs for ratings and money. Robert Irvine is a bit more respectful, but still tough. That said, I still think those two show are the most important shows on television for current and would-be restaurateurs.

If you watch Kitchen Nightmares or Restaurant Impossible, you’ll notice a reoccuring theme with many of the failed restaurants Ramsay or Irvine help; large, unfocused, unmanageable menus. I’m not sure what it is about the restaurant business that turns an average cook into an overbearing, pretentious egomaniac chef or restaurant owner that thinks they can stick something on a…

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Should I create an app for my restaurant?

Should I create an app for my restaurant?

This is a growing question in the minds of restaurant owners. Mobile apps are the big new thing. It seems everyone has an app now. So naturally, restaurants are asking restaurant consultants like myself and other professionals if they should invest in getting a mobile application.

Since my expertise is not in mobile technology, I go to more knowledgable people for an opinion on things like ‘mobile apps for restaurants’. Here is a great article I found on whether or not restaurants should create a mobile app. It’s from Sara Petersen at Punch Mobile Marketing. After reading this article and considering the benefits and costs, my own professional opinion is that you shouldn’t spend money developing a mobile app unless you are planning on it doing some specific that your website doesn’t do. If it is just a recreation of your website, it’s a waste of money. Read the following opinion from an expert in mobile marketing to see what she thinks…

Why you shouldn’t waste time developing a mobile app

5 ways to bring media attention to your restaurant |

Here is a short article from Sara Petersen at Punch Mobile Marketing on how to get media attention when you are looking to market an event at your restaurant…

5 ways to bring media attention to your restaurant

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How and why to use Google+ for your restaurant

How to use Google+ for restaurants

How to use Google+ for restaurants

Here’s is a fantastic article I found by Dayne Shuda at on how and why to use Google+ for restaurants.

The Ultimate Guide to Google+ for Restaurants

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Technomic: Millennials drive restaurant drink trends | Nation’s Restaurant News

Restaurants that don’t grow and change usually wither and die. Eventually, the people with a taste for a particular type of menu or concept will get bored or die off. It’s important for restaurants to keep attracting the next generation.

Here is an article on how the youngest generation, millenials, will be affecting alcoholic beverage trends…

Technomic: Millennials drive restaurant drink trends | Nation’s Restaurant News.

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High failure rates for restaurants. Yes they’re exagerated, but they’re still high. According to recent studies from Cornell and Ohio State universities, 59-60% of restaurants fail within the first three years. As many as 75% may fail within the first five. Why are they so high? For a list of the six biggest reasons, see The biggest mistakes restaurants make, and why they have a high failure rate.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to talk about a key fundamental in restaurant concept design, keeping it simple.

Big menus with too many items, oversized dining rooms, multi-ingredient dishes, huge liquor selections and wine lists and over decorating. They’re all symptoms of the same problem, overcomplicating your concept.

As a restaurateur, you may find yourself getting bored with traditional menu items. For you, eating in a restaurant might need to be an adventure. You may have to see or…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of text message marketing

I’m not sure I agree with the author of this article on the importance of text message marketing. Most the people I know consider text marketing from a business annoying. She does give some great tips on “do’s and don’ts” if you are going to use text message marketing though.

The Do’s and Don’ts of text message marketing…

Are you taking advantage of the drop in Maine Lobster prices?

Big hauls of Maine Lobsters are leading to a drop in their price. While we still have to see how much of that drop will make it’s way outside of Maine, this may present restaurants, country clubs and other food services a great opportunity to drive sales by featuring Maine Lobsters at a price point they could not previously.

Check out the following article on the price drop…

Maine lobsters drop in price

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Hosting private events at your restaurant to build sales…

Short read about hosting special events at your restaurant such as wine dinners, fund raisers and holiday parties.

Why hosting events at your restaurant can be a good marketing move | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs