Here is an article from 2008 I’m bringing back around because it is the most common asked question in the food service business.

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Calculating how much the food you sell costs you to sell is a very important practice in running a profitable restaurant. Knowledge is power, and knowing your food cost compared to your sales and your ideal food cost is very empowering information. By figuring your food cost percentage, you have an early warning system to alert you to potential theft and waste.

Before we get into the process for calculating food cost, it’s good to talk about how often this should be done. I suggest calculating your food costs at the end of every week. If you happen to have a cost control issue, it’s best to know as close to the time the occurence happened as possible. The farther you get away from an occurence that caused a cost problem, the harder it is to determine what that occurence was.

You are going to need to track a few pieces of…

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Pairing cocktails with food | Wall Street Journal

Pairing cocktails with foodRestaurants have been offering suggestions about pairing wine with food for as long as there has been wine. What about cocktails though? Here is a great article from the Wall Street Journal about pairing cocktails with food. It could help you better serve your restaurant guests…

Pairing Cocktails With Food –

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A Boost for Botanicals | Restaurant Management online

Here is an article from Restaurant Management online that shares an up and coming trend, the use of botanicals in menus.

Though you shouldn’t jump on every new trend or fad, I think it’s really important for restaurant owners to remember that the industry is constantly changing with or without you. If you stay stagnant for too long, you become irrelevent and uninteresting. I suggest trying to stay on top of trends like this wait and exploit the ones that fit in with your concept or clientele.

A Boost for Botanicals – Restaurant Management (RMGT).

Culinary consultants grow in popularity

Culinary consultant and restaurant ownerHere is an interesting article from about the growing popularity of culinary consultants. Recipe creation, staffing, training and menu development are just some of the areas where culinary consultants can assist restaurant owners. Read what is happening as a trend in Philadelphia by reading the linked article…

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20 steps to lowering your food or liquor costs

So important, I had to bring this article back around.

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food inventory spreadsheet from O'Dell Restaurant ConsultingThis article will be one of the most important I’ve ever written for restaurant owners and managers in other food services. In this article, I’m going to do something you won’t see from another consultant. I’m going to share with you the exact steps of an action plan I created to help a restaurant create a food cost fitness program, along with some helpful commentary from me. These steps would be the same for liquor costs, but would focus on different employees in a different area of the restaurant. What you won’t find in this list is steps for purchasing. Negotiating lower prices is kind of a “no brainer” in controlling food costs, so it is not mentioned here. Other steps that are not mentioned, but are important none-the-less include proper monitoring of your vendor prices during the year, receiving goods properly, securing storerooms and surveillance of storage areas. In truth, anything you do with your food can affect your food…

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San Francisco approves simplified restaurant regulations

Short article about great news for San Francisco restaurateurs. San Francisco is easing city permit “hoops” to jump through in a city that was previously micromanaging its restaurant industry. State regulations on restaurants are already tough enough for potential California restaurant owners.

San Francisco approves simplified restaurant regulations – San Francisco Business Times.

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We’ve completed a long overdue makeover of the O’Dell Restaurant Consulting Webstore! It now has a shopping cart and a much “cleaner” feel to it.

Our most popular downloads in the webstore are our Food and Liquor Inventory spreadsheets, our Recipe Costing spreadsheet, Daily Sales and Ideal Cost tracking spreadsheet, and our Chef Employment Contract.

There are also several other great downloads from Performance Appraisals and a Manager’s Log to the Employee Record and Attendence tracker. We have a few new downloads in development too. Stay tuned!

Payments process easily through Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. Visit the rest of our site while you’re there!

O’Dell Restaurant Consulting download webstore.

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